Supplemental NPE Terms

The NPE Team, from Meta, offers products and services that provide new or distinct user experiences in the form of apps, bots or other services (together, "NPE Services"). Your use of any NPE Services is governed by the Meta Terms of Use and Meta Data Policy. For users in the European Union, please review the NPE EU Data Policy instead. In addition, your use of NPE Services is governed by these NPE Supplemental Terms of Service ("NPE Terms"), which supplements the Meta Terms of Service.
The term "Meta Products" as used in our terms and policies includes NPE Services. By using NPE Services, you agree to these NPE Terms.
  1. NPE Services are experimental, so their functionality and performance may change rapidly, and may not be as reliable as other Meta products. Also, we may modify, suspend or discontinue any part of NPE Services, or your use of NPE Services, at any time without notice. NPE Services are not intended for use as storage, and we recommend that you save content on other services.
  2. If you believe that content on the NPE website or in an NPE app is infringing your copyright, you can report it to us and our DMCA designated agent by filling in this online form. The fastest and easiest way to send a DMCA report of copyright infringement to our designated agent is to fill in our online form. If you wish to reach our designated agent through other (and slower) methods, you can contact:

    NPE Team, LLC
    Attn: Designated Agent
    1601 Willow Road
    Menlo Park, California 94025, US
    650 543 4800 (phone)

    Please bear in mind that if you submit a report to our designated agent by any means other than through our online form, you must include a complete copyright claim, including identification of the content and app at issue in your report.
  3. For privacy questions, you can contact us online.
  4. For other assistance, you can contact us by email.
  5. NPE Services provide the option to review or download your information. The option in any app will only provide the information relevant to that service, not all NPE Services.
Date of last revision: 27 January 2022